Client: iQmetrix

Role: UI/UX Designer

Timeline 2017-present

RQmobile is an iOS app that unites the functionality of a Point of Sale system and Inventory management software in one compact mobile terminal. Here the sales team is not bound to a checkout counter or desktop computer. Products can be tendered, ordered, or shipped to customer on the spot. 


The Challenge

Most retail shops have a POS system that is tied to a desk, a computer, or at the back of the store. Once the customer has found their products, the sales flow ends at the counter. How can you make the sales flow more flexibility, convenient, and mobile?

Field Visits

We visited some of our Verizon stores that just started to use RQmobile to observe and see how we could improve design/UX. This was also a good opportunity to talk to store managers, employees, and get some immediate user interaction. We observed that RQmobile created more meaningful interactions between customer and employee. The transaction became more conversational and personalized because they weren’t separated by a counter and computer screen. The sale was more comfortable sitting across from each other, like they were at the dinner table together.


By empowering employees to take the POS on the floor, customers know that they're supported by staff with a convenient and personalized service. The employee can suggest cases, accessories, and mobile protection specifically for that customer’s needs. The customer leaves satisfied with a suped up smart phone, while the employee makes a bigger sale. Win - Win.


The Product



Complete a sale and payment transaction through RQmobile. Reduces wait time customers experience when all workstations are busy. 


View any customer’s sale history, refund any item that they’ve purchased, from anywhere in the store.


Customer Information

Create, edit, and manage customer information. Everything stays up to date with a direct feed into the client’s database. 

Inventory Counting

Reduce losses and misses, speed up counts with automatic feedback, and minimize errors with easy, accurate inventory counts and tracking. 


Dropship Integration

Dropship means customers can always get what they’re looking for (in stock or not) right from your mobile POS.